audiobook demo samples


ff dialogue | fierce older sister confronts hivemind threat


mf dialogue | 1920's, strong daughter negotiates with father

Nonfiction_Feminist Journalism.mp3

religious oppression | seven deadly sins | gender roles


coming of age | Lisa Simpson feminist role model


mf dialogue | nun roughs up troubled teen

3rdPrsn_Feel Good SciFi.mp3

robot/human dialogue | conscious robot startles lone camper

1stPrsn_Military SciFi.mp3

multi-character dialogue | time travel disorients soldier


leadership | design theory

*Demos recorded in home studio.

Shure SM7B, Focusrite Scarlette Solo, Triton Audio FetHead pre-amp

Ivory Tiffin is an LA based actor and narrator with Chicago roots. Her favorite theatre roles include: an anxious woman in 1902 being treated by her doctor for “hysteria” with the newly invented vibrator, a Space Panda who loves lunafish casserole, an evil Fury who haunts the mindscape of an institutionalized Victorian woman going mad, an actress playing a countess within a soap opera within a play, and a stray dog named, Sylvia, who charms an empty nester into taking her home much to his wife’s chagrin. Select TV and Film credits include: Jen, a woman too polite to acknowledge her husband’s affair in the star studded film, You’re Not You, Lisa, a grieving and enraged woman donning an elf costume in the procedural drama, The Closer, and Fran, a tough talking, rifle toting, desert motel manager who meets her demise against the supernatural in Left Hand Billy and the Second Solution.

Ivory grew up working-class, about an hour outside of Chicago. She and her four siblings were the only Mormon kids at school. It was a foregone conclusion that she would get married as soon as she graduated high school and suffer the same fate as her mother: a housewife popping out babies, working herself to the bone and never having her own money. As a grown ass woman, she cringes to think about the Los Angeles theatre production where she wore a sign in bold capital letters that read: SLUT. Did this feminist really agree to play a woman labeled SLUT? Yes, she did. But it felt so terrible that she vowed to stop accepting roles that reinforce misogyny and recently played God in a play about a woman coming to terms with childhood sexual trauma.

Ivory prides herself in making nonfiction accessible as she is largely self educated and deeply curious about WHY and HOW things work. She is known for her compassionate approach toward difficult subjects, offering a soft place for listeners to land. Destigmatizing trauma and mental health is especially important to Ivory as she is on her own healing journeyThis makes her a great fit for narrating titles about PTSD, neuroscience and the mind/body connection, as well as social issues like systemic inequality, religious oppression, and our nation’s history of capitalism and colonialism. 

Ivory gravitates toward SciFi and post-apocalyptic storytelling because it tackles the big questions and offers an opportunity to reset, rebuild and redefine who we are. She also loves memoir and historical fiction because they serve as witness to our beginnings and can point us toward a more hopeful future. Ivory is most drawn to stories about those who don’t fit the mold dictated by power structures and is dedicated to uplifting the voices of the unheard.

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