Title Publisher/Producer Author
Raising Superstar Kids with ADHD ACX Lydia Fields
Angry Parent Angry Child ACX Carrie Khang



Title Role Director
The Closer Lisa Rick Wallace
You're Not You Jen George C. Wolfe
Borrowed Moments Office Employee Doug McHenry
The Wedding Dance Alison Elliot London
Left Hand Billy and the Second Solution Fran Gabriele Zuccarini
Audrey the Trainwreck Darci Stanton Frank V. Ross
Lofty Intentions Barbara T.G. Jamroz
Teplitz: The Tyranny of Paradox Miss Prior Sean Guinan
W.O.R.M.:Worldwide Organic Replicating Molecule Temp Anthony G. Sumner
Chicago Poems Marina T.G. Jamroz
OCD Love Story Audrey Bryan Litt
Anecdote AD Vlady Valentin Oszkiel
Breaking the Circle Woman Melissa Lawrenz
The Waiting Room Woman Dan Levy
The Lover & The Poet Woman David Feldman
The Purse Woman Jeremy Round


Product Role Production Co. Director
Quaker Oats Principal Radical Media Errol Morris
Mercedes Principal Ruckus Films Brett Snider & Billy Federighi

THEATRE (Los Angeles)

Title Role Theatre Director
The Uninvited Guest God Conrad Dunn Production Conrad Dunn
The Wolfe & The Bird Multiple Voices The Matrix Theatre Alina Phelan
The Women Multiple Roles New American Theatre Elise Roberston
The Man with the Tiny Head Jen New American Theatre Jack Stehlin & Lisa Christensen
Warning Labels Jessie New American Theatre Joe Bays
Anti Late Night Late Night Show Animal Speech Pathologist Bang Comedy Theatre Melissa Lehman-Boals
Pen to Paper Maria Actor's Workout Theatre Conrad Dunn

THEATRE (Chicago)

Title Role Theatre Director
The Revenge of the Space Pandas Buffy the Panda WNEP Theatre Bob Wilson
Tallahassee Patience Cleveland WNEP Theatre Seth Fisher
Christmas My Ass Laverne WNEP Theatre Don Hall
Charlotte's Web Mrs. Arable Home Grown Theatre
Child Fly Away Natalie Stage Left Theatre Brian Kirst
Don't Be Lonely Countess Bailiwick Repertory Jody Stivers
A Freak Beyond Compare Tracy Harassing Chicago Donald Williams, Jr.
Sylvia Sylvia Albright Theatre Co. Greg Leitner
Talk Radio Linda Albright Theatre Co. Jeni Dees
The Insanity of Mary Girard Fury Albright Theatre Co. Jeni Dees
Nuts Court Recorder Albright Theatre Co. Dan Foss
The Boys Next Door Senator Clarke Albright Theatre Co. Jeanine Collins

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